Championship Info

Championships & Trophies

NOTE: Ridden Classes – the rider must be a member to win points.  The owner of the horse/pony does not have to be a  member.
In Hand Classes –  the handler does not have to be a member but the  horse/pony must be owned by a member to win points


Your Championship Trophies are due to be returned to by the end of August please. Please deliver trophies to the secretary on show days. Thank you.


Ridden Veteran
In Hand Veterans
Riding Club Pony/Horse
Riding Pony/Horse
Working Hunter / Working Pony
Ridden Show Hunter Pony/ Horse
In Hand Show Hunter Pony/Horse
In hand Best Condition/Turnout
Ridden Paints, Spots, Palominos, Roans & Duns
In Hand Paints, Spots, Palominos, Roans & Duns
Ridden Part Breds
In Hand Part Breds
Ridden Mountain & Moorland
In Hand Mountain & Moorland
Ridden Cobs/Driving Types/Heavies
In Hand Cobs/Driving Types/Heavies
Ridden Bays/Blacks/Chestnuts/Greys
In Hand Bays/Blacks/Chestnuts/Greys
Family Mount
Ridden Novice Pony/Horse
Novice Rider
Lead Rein
Beginners Ride
First Ridden
Junior Equitation Rider
Mountain & Moorland Junior Ridden Small Breeds
Junior In Hand Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds
Young Handlers
Showing Points
Lead Rein Jumping
Cradle Stakes
Minimus Jumping
Novice Jumping
Intermediate Jumping
Open Jumping
Jumping Points
Combined Training
General Points x 2